Sharon Lewendon


Professional Counsellor & Life Coach


Barton On Sea




BH25 7JJ

What is Counselling & Talking Therapy



Counselling is an opportunity to talk in a safe confidential and non judgemental environment working through whatever is troubling you, especially when you find life's challenges a struggle. At times we all need a little bit of extra support and help with life's difficulties and distress



Do you feel anxious low or sad, are you suffering from depression/manic depression, confused or overwhelmed with relationship troubles and feelings. You may also be struggling with panic attacks, phobia, ange, low self esteem, confidence, or are you being bullied?



Have you suffered a personal loss, or a bereavement including loss of a pet.  Do you have, or know someone with a long term chronic illness or condition such as Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, ME, Chronic Pain or Fatigue?  Are you a carer for someone with the above?


Life maybe a struggle, you may feel as though you are going around in circles repeating the same old negative patterns, or just stuck with nothing making sense.


Maybe counselling can help you gain clarity and direction


Talking can really help, with the knowledge that I will not be judgemental and will listen without prejudice.


I will endeavour to offer understanding and warmth in calm pleasant surroundings, empathy rather than sympathy, and a promise to help you explore your feelings at your own pace to reach your full potential.


Counselling can help you to understand, clarify and make sense of your thoughts.


Individuals and Young people



Its good to talk


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