Life Coaching

What is a life coach?


A life coach is a trained professional who aims to help and empower others to make, meet and exceed personal and professional goals. This can include excelling in the workplace, becoming happy and fulfilled at home, exploring potential, achieving ambitions and personal goals such as getting fit, losing weight, managing a health condition and living life to the full.

By harnessing techniques based on core psychological principles a life coach can provide you with the tools to confidently face difficult situations and push past emotional barriers empowering you with confidence and self esteem.

Empowerment is within everyone's capability. In life we sometimes get stuck going round and round in circles, repeating old patterns of behaviour. With the help of a life coach, anyone can learn to open their mind to achieve goals and dreams. Reaching their full potential.



As a Counsellor and life Coach I am able to integrate both together as a Therapeutic Coach